Maggi Diet

This diet is a strict diet, so you don’t need to perform additional calorie calculations or develop an individual meal plan according to some recommendations. Just follow the agreed menu every day and watch the pleasant transformations of your body.

The Maggi diet is often confused with the common broth diet, obviously because of the name. However, the basis of the diet that we will consider in this article is not broth, but eggs and grapefruit.

Dietary Origin

weight loss is the essence of Maggi's diet

The name "Maggi" is the result of incorrect transmission of the word sound. In the original version, she is called "Maggie, " which is a diminutive form of the name Margaret. Rumor has it that this diet owes its appearance to Margaret Thatcher. According to the popular version, the original weekly version of this diet was developed specifically for Thatcher at the famous Mayo Clinic.

Although it is not known whether the legendary prime minister resorted to the method of weight loss, diet, even if he made tangible changes to the original version, is strongly related to this woman. Rumor has it that the sheet describing the technique was kept in Iron Maggie's records for many years.

General Principles

Maggi’s diet was designed for 4 weeks, during which time some of her fans managed to lose 10-12kg. The composition of the food is not small and there is a sufficient amount of meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. Thanks to such a wide variety of diets, those who follow the diet do not experience any serious discomfort. In addition, the menu allows you to consume full, which helps to avoid performance loss, lethargy and fatigue.

However, this system strictly follows the rules down to the smallest detail. The rules of the diet are as follows:

  • The order of meals, the order and quantity of meals must be strictly observed;
  • If your diet does not specify a portion of your product, you can consume it indefinitely;
  • It is unacceptable to exchange products, even if the exchange appears to be of equal value;
  • If your diet clearly determines the amount of product, you should eat it, even if you don’t want to. You can reduce the portion of the pot by cutting back products that are not strictly quantified;
  • Dietary interruption is considered a deviation from the recommended diet for up to half a day. If you break up, the diet cannot be resumed where you left off. You have to start from the very beginning;
  • In order to strictly follow the recommendations, it is better to prepare the food in advance for 1-2 days and store it in the refrigerator in separate containers. In this case, all you have to do is open the fridge and take the box you want;
  • Fluid intake is essential. Not 2 liters of pure carbonated drinking water should be drunk daily;
  • In addition to water, you can drink tea and coffee without sugar or milk. These beverages are not included in the calculation of fluid consumption. You can use a 0 kcal calorie sweetener to sweeten them. Dietary non-alcoholic beverages can be drunk with zero calories;
  • Salt and other spices are allowed. However, one must try not to exaggerate;
  • sample menu from the Maggi diet for 4 weeks
  • Preference should be given to cooking, steaming and frying without oil;
  • Sugar, saturated fats, oils, mayonnaise, meat and fish soups, and all types of alcohol are completely excluded from the diet;
  • At least moderate physical activity is recommended. If your heart is not in the gym, walk at an active pace for at least an hour a day;

Grapefruit and eggs are essential foods in the Maggi diet.

Maggi Diet Menu

First week

For the whole week, breakfast consists of half a grapefruit and 1-2 boiled eggs.


  • Lunch: one kind of fruit (pear, apple, orange, watermelon, apricot);
  • Dinner: lean meat, except lamb. Can be ground.


  • Lunch: skinless chicken;
  • Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and carrots, 1 toast or quarter pie, 1 orange or grapefruit.


  • Lunch: low-fat cheese, 1 toast, tomatoes;
  • Dinner: lean meat, except lamb. Can be ground.


  • Lunch: one kind of fruit (apple, orange, apricot, melon);
  • Dinner: excluding lean meats, lamb and fresh vegetable salad. The meat can be minced.


  • Lunch: 2 boiled eggs and boiled vegetables (zucchini + beans or carrots + green peas);
  • Dinner: fish, salad, 1 grapefruit or orange.


  • Lunch: a kind of fruit;
  • Dinner: lean meat, excluding lamb, and salad.


  • Lunch: skinless chicken, boiled vegetables, tomatoes and 1 grapefruit or orange;
  • Dinner: cooked vegetables.

Week 2


  • Lunch: meat and salad;
  • Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, 1 grapefruit or orange, salad.


  • Lunch: meat and salad;
  • Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, 1 grapefruit or orange.


  • Lunch: meat and cucumber;
  • Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, 1 grapefruit or orange.


  • Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, low-fat white cheese, boiled vegetables;
  • Dinner: 2 boiled eggs.


  • Lunch: fish;
  • Dinner: 2 boiled eggs.


  • Lunch: meat, tomatoes, 1 grapefruit or orange;
  • Dinner: fruit salad (mandarin, melon, peach, apple, orange).


  • Lunch: skinless chicken, tomatoes, cooked vegetables, 1 grapefruit or orange;
  • Dinner: skinless chicken, tomatoes, cooked vegetables, grapefruit or orange.

Third Week

  • Monday:You can eat any fruit during the day except mango, dates, bananas, figs and grapes;
  • Tuesday:Anytime any vegetable except potatoes;
  • Wednesday:Every Monday is a ban on fruits and cooked vegetables;
  • Thursday:fried or cooked fish, cabbage or green salad, cooked vegetables;
  • Friday:meat (lean and not lamb), cooked vegetables;
  • Weekend:1 type of fruit to choose from at any time - apples, pears, peaches, apricots.

fourth week

The following products should be distributed throughout the day. Nothing can be added.

  • Monday:cooked or fried meat (4 slices) or quarter cooked chicken, 2-4 tomatoes, 4 cucumbers, a box of tuna (without butter), 1 toast, 1 grapefruit ororange;
  • Tuesday:fried or cooked meat (200 g), 4 cucumbers, 3 tomatoes, 1 toast, pear or apple, melon or orange or grapefruit;
  • Wednesday:low-fat white cheese, a spoonful of cottage cheese, boiled vegetables, 2 cucumbers, 2 tomatoes, 1 toast, 1 grapefruit or orange;
  • Thursday:half fried or cooked chicken, 3 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1 toast, 1 grapefruit or orange;
  • Friday:2 boiled eggs, salad, 3 tomatoes, 1 grapefruit or orange;
  • Saturday:2 boiled chicken breasts, some cottage cheese or feta cheese, 1 toast, 2 cucumbers, 2 tomatoes, cottage cheese, 1 grapefruit or orange;
  • Sunday:2 ecturons, a box of tuna (without oil), boiled vegetables, 2 cucumbers, 2 tomatoes, 1 toast, 1 grapefruit or orange.

The original Maggi diet prescribed by Margaret Thatcher

The original meal plan that formed the basis of the modern diet consisted of a menu lasting only a week. After this time, the course must be repeated. In addition, there were special conditions that also changed:

  • On most days of the diet, only clean, stagnant water and a limited amount of other beverages were allowed;
  • On the days when meat was allowed, a glass of whiskey was allowed. For the rest of the time, alcohol was strictly forbidden;
  • If the portion size is not specified, the amount of food is determined at the discretion of the dieter;
  • The duration of the diet should not exceed 4 weeks.
  • Breakfast is not on the menu. The diet is the same every day, consisting of 2 soft-boiled eggs, 1 grapefruit, and a cup of unadulterated tea or coffee, sugar, and milk;

The Maggi diet looked like Margaret Thatcher:


  • Lunch: 2 eggs, grapefruit;
  • Dinner: 2 eggs, mixed vegetable salad, 1 well-toasted toast, 1 grapefruit.


  • Lunch: 2 eggs, any amount of fresh tomatoes, unflavoured coffee;
  • Dinner: grilled beef steak, vegetable salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, olives), coffee.


  • Lunch: 2 eggs, steamed spinach, coffee;
  • Dinner: grilled lean lamb steak with celery, cucumber and tomato salad, unflavoured tea.


  • Lunch: 2 eggs, steamed spinach, coffee;
  • Dinner: 2 eggs, a little cottage cheese, 1 well-roasted toast, shredded cabbage.


  • Lunch: 2 eggs, steamed spinach, coffee;
  • Dinner: vegetable salad, fish, 1 well-toasted toast, 1 grapefruit.


  • Lunch: any amount of fruit salad without dressing;
  • Dinner: any number of steaks, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, coffee.


  • Lunch: grilled chicken fillet, tomato, carrot and cabbage salad, grapefruit, coffee;
  • Dinner: cold cooked skinless chicken, fresh tomatoes, grapefruit.

Contraindications and side effects

There is virtually no contraindication to this diet. Just be aware that none of the treatment products are recommended for pregnant women and people with allergies.

However, keep in mind that any changes in your diet should be coordinated with your healthcare professional. This is especially true in cases where you have any chronic illness or are taking special medications.